Assistant Rabbi/Rabbinic Youth Director Position (Young Israel of Staten Island)

The Young Israel of Staten Island has been a staple of the Staten Island Jewish community for over 50 years, and is the largest synagogue on Staten Island with a membership of over 400 families. It is a Makom Torah and Avodah where we offer multiple daily minyanim and shiurim for men, women and children. While Staten Island is located in New York City, our community has an out-of-town enthusiasm and vibe.

We have a number of Jewish Day Schools and a boys High School/Yeshiva. The main school that our community sends their children to is Yeshiva Merkaz Hatorah Rabbi Jacob Joseph School (www.ymht.org). We have two meat eateries, one dairy pizza store, as well as two Kosher supermarkets. There is an eruv around the community, and multiple mikvahs for both men and women. We are also a bridge away from Brooklyn with its many shuls, schools, yeshivas, restaurants and other Jewish establishments, and only 35 minutes away from the Teaneck/Bergenfield Jewish community.

What makes our community unique is that everyone knows everyone. We are a close-knit community and are looking for a young Rabbi and Rebbetzin to connect with our young families and their children. It is our hope that this new Assistant Rabbi/Rabbinic Youth Director will be able to perform the job requirements of an Assistant Rabbi and run a Youth Department.

The Assistant Rabbi/Rabbinic Youth Director is a part time position. The Rabbi will benefit from the guidance and leadership of our Morah D’Asrah, Rabbi Yaakov Lehrfield, who has been our Rav for over 20 years. The Rabbi will engage our membership, predominantly our younger families, and promote Limud HaTorah and Chesed within our community. The Rabbi will be involved with teaching Torah, providing pastoral support, spearheading and enhancing our young community education programming and working with our youth. In addition, the Rabbi will partner with our Board of Directors, more specifically the Second Vice President/Youth Vice President, in creating a fun and content-rich Youth group experience which includes compelling Jewish educational and social activities for youths of all ages and young families.

Our ideal candidate is a dynamic individual who can develop programs across a range of Jewish educational levels, encourage spiritual growth, engage our young community, and try to grow our community with more young families.







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